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Growth factor independence underpins a paroxysmal, aggressive Wnt5aHigh/EphA2Low phenotype in glioblastoma stem cells, conducive to experimental combinatorial therapy

Nadia Trivieri, Alberto Visioli, Gandino Mencarelli, Maria Grazia Cariglia, Laura Marongiu, Riccardo Pracella, Fabrizio Giani, Amata Amy Soriano, Chiara Barile, Laura Cajola, Massimiliano Copetti, Orazio Palumbo (+5 others)
2022 | Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research
doi:10.1186/s13046-022-02333-1   pmcid:PMC9004109  

PPFIA4 promotes castration-resistant prostate cancer by enhancing mitochondrial metabolism through MTHFD2

Ru Zhao, Tingting Feng, Lin Gao, Feifei Sun, Qianqian Zhou, Xin Wang, Junmei Liu, Wenbo Zhang, Meng Wang, Xueting Xiong, Wenqiao Jia, Weiwen Chen (+2 others)
2022 | Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research
doi:10.1186/s13046-022-02331-3   pmcid:PMC8985307  

Cholesterol sensor SCAP contributes to sorafenib resistance by regulating autophagy in hepatocellular carcinoma

Danyang Li, Yingcheng Yao, Yuhan Rao, Xinyu Huang, Li Wei, Zhimei You, Guo Zheng, Xiaoli Hou, Yu Su, Zac Varghese, John F. Moorhead, Yaxi Chen (+1 others)
2022 | Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research
doi:10.1186/s13046-022-02306-4   pmcid:PMC8966370  
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