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Situating the Varied Roles of Media Criticism in South Korean Context The case of 〈Journalism Talk Show J〉
'매체비평'의 역할과 명암을 다면적으로 진단하기 KBS 〈저널리즘 토크쇼 J〉의 특성과 성취 그리고 한계를 중심으로

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Keehyeung Lee, KyongAh Hwang
2021 | Korean Journal of Communication & Information

Historical Re-evaluation of Korean Publications during the 3·1 Movement A Criticism of the Concept of 'Jihashinmun' (Underground Newspaper)
3·1운동기 한국 간행물에 대한 역사적 재평가 : '지하신문'이라는 개념에 대한 문제 제기

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Baek Chae, Yun-Cheol Heo, Seung-Hwa Kang, Sangkil Yoon
2021 | Korean Journal of Communication & Information

A Content-Analyzing Study on Korean Newspapers' Quoting Foreign News about South Korea's Response to COVID-19 : Focusing on the National Image and National Identity
코로나19 한국대응관련 국내 진보ᐨ보수 언론의 외국보도 인용기사 비교 : 한국의 이미지 및 정체성 중심 분석

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Jiwon Han, Yungwook Kim
2021 | Korean Journal of Communication & Information

What's the Problem with the Korean Media's Crime Reporting? : Through In-depth Interviews with Reporters and Crime News Monitors
한국 언론의 범죄보도 무엇이 문제인가? : 사건기자와 범죄뉴스 모니터 집단 심층인터뷰를 통해

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Youngyu Yang, Wansoo Lee
2020 | Korean Journal of Communication & Information

Have Korean Newspapers Made an Improvement in Treating Gender Issues after #MeToo?
'미투 운동(#MeToo)' 이후 젠더 이슈 보도의 성과와 한계

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Yisook Choi, Eunmi Jang, Sae-Eun Kim
2020 | Korean Journal of Communication & Information
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