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Influence of periaqueductal gray on other salience network nodes predicts social sensitivity

Myrthe Rijpma, Winson F.Z. Yang, Gianina Toller, Giovanni Battistella, Arseny A. Sokolov, Virginia E. Sturm, William W. Seeley, Joel H. Kramer, Bruce L. Miller, Katherine P. Rankin
2022 | Human Brain Mapping
doi:10.1002/hbm.25751   pmcid:PMC8886662  

The role of visual attention in dyslexia: Behavioral and neurobiological evidence

Nikolay Taran, Rola Farah, Mark DiFrancesco, Mekibib Altaye, Jennifer Vannest, Scott Holland, Keri Rosch, Bradley L. Schlaggar, Tzipi
2022 | Human Brain Mapping
doi:10.1002/hbm.25753   pmcid:PMC8886655  

Identifying a whole‐brain connectome‐based model in drug‐naïve Parkinson's disease for predicting motor impairment

Haoting Wu, Cheng Zhou, Xueqin Bai, Xiaocao Liu, Jingwen Chen, Jiaqi Wen, Tao Guo, Jingjing Wu, Xiaojun Guan, Ting Gao, Luyan Gu, Peiyu Huang (+3 others)
2021 | Human Brain Mapping
doi:10.1002/hbm.25768   pmcid:PMC8933250  

Distinct patterns of progressive gray and white matter degeneration in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Abdullah Ishaque, Daniel Ta, Muhammad Khan, Lorne Zinman, Lawrence Korngut, Angela Genge, Annie Dionne, Hannah Briemberg, Collin Luk, Yee‐Hong Yang, Christian Beaulieu, Derek Emery (+6 others)
2021 | Human Brain Mapping
doi:10.1002/hbm.25738   pmcid:PMC8886653  
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