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A Markov model of glycosylation elucidates isozyme specificity and glycosyltransferase interactions for glycoengineering

Chenguang Liang, Austin W.T. Chiang, Anders H. Hansen, Johnny Arnsdorf, Sanne Schoffelen, James T. Sorrentino, Benjamin P. Kellman, Bokan Bao, Bjørn G. Voldborg, Nathan E. Lewis
2020 | Current Research in Biotechnology
doi:10.1016/j.crbiot.2020.01.001   pmcid:PMC7153765  

Increased mAb production in amplified CHO cell lines is associated with increased interaction of CREB1 with transgene promoter

Hussain Dahodwala, Prashant Kaushik, Vijay Tejwani, Chih-Chung Kuo, Patrice Menard, Michael Henry, Bjorn G. Voldborg, Nathan E. Lewis, Paula Meleady, Susan T. Sharfstein
2019 | Current Research in Biotechnology
doi:10.1016/j.crbiot.2019.09.001   pmcid:PMC7311070  
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