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Sucrose drinking mimics effects of nucleus accumbens µ-opioid receptor stimulation on fat intake and brain c-Fos-expression

L L Koekkoek, A Masís-Vargas, T Kool, L Eggels, L L van der Gun, K Lamuadni, M Slomp, C Diepenbroek, A Kalsbeek, Susanne E. la Fleur
2021 | Nutritional neuroscience
doi:10.1080/1028415x.2021.1975365   pmid:34490827  

Apolipoprotein E genotype-dependent nutrigenetic effects to prebiotic inulin for modulating systemic metabolism and neuroprotection in mice via gut-brain axis

Lucille M. Yanckello, Jared D. Hoffman, Ya-Hsuan Chang, Penghui Lin, Geetika Nehra, George Chlipala, Scott D. McCulloch, Tyler C. Hammond, Andrew T. Yackzan, Andrew N. Lane, Stefan J. Green, Anika M. S. Hartz (+1 others)
2021 | Nutritional neuroscience
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