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Pederasty Diseases and Social Cognition in the Document of the Qing Dynasty: Centered on Literary Style Novel and Medical Books
淸代 文獻에 나타난 男色 疾病과 사회인식 - 文言小說과 醫書를 중심으로

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Yoonju Choi
2022 | Journal of Chinese Studies

The Imperial City Awakens from the Dream: The Narrative of Courtesans and the Construction of a New Yangzhou Space in The Dream of Yangzhou
제국의 도시, 꿈에서 깨어나다: 揚州夢의 기녀 서술과새로운 揚州 공간의 구축

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Soo-kyung Choi
2022 | Journal of Chinese Studies

The Study on Anti-equilibrium at Four Moral Emotions in Zhu-Xi Philosophy
주희 철학에 있어 사단 부중절 문제에 대한 小考

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Hyun Joo Bang
2022 | Journal of Chinese Studies

Intellectual Poetry Aesthetics Appeared in the May Fourth Period: Focusing on Poems by Hu Shi and Shen Yinmo in 1918
5·4 시기 지식인의 신시 미학관 - 1918년 胡適과 沈尹默의 초기 시를 중심으로

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Jayun Song
2022 | Journal of Chinese Studies
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