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Adaptations and transformations of hunter-gatherers in forest environments: New archaeological and anthropological insights

Daniel Groß, Henny Piezonka, Erica Corradini, Ulrich Schmölcke, Marco Zanon, Walter Dörfler, Stefan Dreibrodt, Ingo Feeser, Sascha Krüger, Harald Lübke, Diana Panning, Dennis Wilken
2019 | The Holocene

Palaeoenvironmental dynamics of Holocene shoreface bryoliths from the southern coast of Brazil

Frederico Tapajós de Souza Tâmega, Paula Spotorno-Oliveira, Paula Dentzien-Dias, Francisco Sekiguchi Buchmann, Leandro Manzoni Vieira, Kita Macario, Merinda Nash, Renato Bastos Guimarães, Heitor Francischini, Davide Bassi
2019 | The Holocene

Investigating the maximum resolution of µXRF core scanners: A 1800 year storminess reconstruction from the Outer Hebrides, Scotland, UK

Lisa C Orme, Liam Reinhardt, Richard T Jones, Dan J Charman, Ian Croudace, Alastair Dawson, Michael Ellis, Andrew Barkwith
2015 | The Holocene

A kernel-based Bayesian approach to climatic reconstruction

I. Robertson, D. Lucy, L. Baxter, A. M. Pollard, R. G. Aykroyd, A. C. Barker, A. H.C. Carter, V. R. Switsur, J. S. Waterhouse
1999 | The Holocene

A comparative review of soil charcoal data: Spatiotemporal patterns of origin and long-term dynamics of Western European nutrient-poor grasslands

Vincent Robin, Oliver Nelle, Brigitte Talon, Peter Poschlod, Dominique Schwartz, Marie-Claude Bal, Philippe Allée, Jean-Louis Vernet, Thierry Dutoit
2018 | The Holocene
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