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Comparative study of intrauterine devices: TCu380A and Flexigard
Estudo comparativo entre os dispositivos intrauterinos: TCu380A e Flexigard

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A T Andrade, D A Araujo, A A Abranches
1993 | Boletim do C.B.R

AIDS and reproduction -- some aspects
AIDS e reproducao -- alguns aspectos

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A T Andrade
1990 | Boletim do C.B.R

IUD mode of action
Mecanismo de acao do dispositivo intrauterino

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A T Andrade
1987 | Boletim do C.B.R

Menstrual blood loss and body iron stores: comparative study between a Multiload-375 IUD and a levonorgestrel vaginal ring
Perda sanguinea menstrual e estoques de ferro do organismo -- estudo comparativo entre o DIU Multiload-375 e o anel vaginal de levonorgestrel

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J P Souza, A T Andrade, E Pizarro
1991 | Boletim do C.B.R

Perinatal patterns: comparative observations in a maternity hospital of Juiz de Fora
Padroes perinatais -- observacoes comparativas em maternidade de Juiz de Fora

   no archive
A P Viana, V M Santos
1991 | Boletim do C.B.R
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