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KMRC011, an agonist of toll-like receptor 5, mitigates irradiation-induced tissue damage and mortality in cynomolgus monkeys

Hong-Soo Lee, Doo-Wan Cho, Ji-Seok Han, Su-Cheol Han, Sang Keun Woo, Soo-Youn Jun, Woo-Jong Lee, Susie Yoon, Son-Il Pak, Sang-Jin Lee, Eunsol Seong, Eun-Jung Park
2020 | Journal of Immunotoxicology
doi:10.1080/1547691x.2019.1699617   pmid:32013650  

Summary of a workshop on preclinical and translational safety assessment of CD3 bispecifics

Cris Kamperschroer, Jacintha Shenton, Hervé Lebrec, John K. Leighton, Paul A. Moore, Oliver Thomas
2020 | Journal of Immunotoxicology
doi:10.1080/1547691x.2020.1729902   pmid:32100588  

Cross-company evaluation of the human lymphocyte activation assay

Mark Collinge, Patricia Schneider, Dingzhou Li, Stanley Parish, Carolyne Dumont, Wendy Freebern, Joseph Ghanime, Fanny Guimont-Derochers, Anja Langenkamp, Jose Lebron, Nianyu Li, Celine Marban (+2 others)
2020 | Journal of Immunotoxicology
doi:10.1080/1547691x.2020.1725694   pmid:32124652  
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