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COVID-19 – The efficacy of the LEAF-mask measured by assessing the viral load of the mask's inner and outer surface used by nurses in ICUs compared to the N95: a phase II, multicenter, randomized, controlled, open-label, clinical trial protocol

Hans-Udo Richarz, Augusto J. Mendes, Sofia M. Hincapie Arias, Anna M. Santos Cury Marduy, Shobha A. Chottera, Omar F. Yanque Robles, Aline de Moura Brasil Matos, Augusto CM Gomes, Vanessa Henriques Carvalho, Patricia Bottamedi Ratto Guimaraes, Melissa S. Grigorescu Vlass, Angela H. Motoyama Caiado (+4 others)
2021 | Principles and Practice of Clinical Research Journal

HYP-FAST trial study protocol: a phase II, single-center, open-label RCT comparing the effect of early time-restricted feeding on blood pressure control versus standard of care in individuals with primary hypertension

Agustina Valentini, Jose Eduardo Loyola, Joice Inglez, Roseanne Ferreira, Jonas Souza, Juan Santana-Guerrero, Daniela Yucuma, Vitor Liutti, Salma Abdelrahman, Michelle Pirazzoli, Nina Kaegi-Braun, Hans Reyes (+9 others)
2021 | Principles and Practice of Clinical Research Journal

A Protocol for a Phase-II Trial to Evaluate the Effect of a Mindfulness Intervention via a Mobile Application on Resident Physicians' Burnout

Dalia Mohamed Ahmed, Marie von der Osten, Marco Aurelio Grudtner, Enrico Mazzon, Jesus Rodrigo Arias Serrato, Ximena Milagros Garcia Felipa, Stephanie Lemouche, Hind Abushama, Natacha De Jesus Vargas Disla, Mohamed Abdelgelil, Sasikanth Gorantla, Cynthia Villarreal-Garza
2020 | Principles and Practice of Clinical Research Journal
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