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Thirty Years of Inventory Routing

Leandro C. Coelho, Jean-François Cordeau, Gilbert Laporte
2014 | Transportation Science

Parallel Tabu Search for Real-Time Vehicle Routing and Dispatching

Michel Gendreau, François Guertin, Jean-Yves Potvin, Éric Taillard
1999 | Transportation Science

Predicting the Potential Market for Electric Vehicles

Anders F. Jensen, Elisabetta Cherchi, Stefan L. Mabit, Juan de Dios Ortúzar
2017 | Transportation Science

Domestic Market Power in the International Airline Industry

Gerben de Jong, Christiaan Behrens, Hester van Herk, Erik Verhoef
2019 | Transportation Science

Single-Car Routing in Rail Freight Transport

Armin Fügenschuh, Henning Homfeld, Hanno Schülldorf
2015 | Transportation Science

Solving Truckload Procurement Auctions Over an Exponential Number of Bundles

Richard Li-Yang Chen, Shervin AhmadBeygi, Amy Cohn, Damian R. Beil, Amitabh Sinha
2009 | Transportation Science
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