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Rotational Doppler shift from a rotating rod

Olivier Emile, janine emile, Christian Brousseau, Tangi Le Guennic, Pu Jian, Guillaume Labroille
2021 | Optics Letters

Optical tuning of dielectric nanoantennas for thermo-optically reconfigurable nonlinear metasurfaces

Michele Celebrano, Davide Rocco, Marco Gandolfi, Attilio Zilli, Francesco Rusconi, Andrea Tognazzi, Andrea Mazzanti, Lavinia Ghirardini, Eva A. A. Pogna, Luca Carletti, Camilla Baratto, Giuseppe Marino (+8 others)
2021 | Optics Letters
doi:10.1364/ol.420790   pmid:33988608  

Electro-optic comb pumped optical parametric oscillator with flexible repetition rate at GHz level

Hanyu Ye, Valerian Freysz, Ramatou Bello Doua, Lilia Pontagnier, GIORGIO SANTARELLI, Eric Cormier, Eric FREYSZ
2021 | Optics Letters
doi:10.1364/ol.421621   pmid:33793509  

Efficient Type II Second Harmonic Generation in an Indium Gallium Phosphide on insulator wire waveguide aligned with a crystallographic axis

Nicolas Poulvellarie, Carlos Mas Arabi, Charles Ciret, Sylvain Combrié, Alfredo De Rossi, Marc Haelterman, Fabrice Raineri, Bart Kuyken, Simon-Pierre Gorza, François Leo
2021 | Optics Letters
doi:10.1364/ol.418064   pmid:33793472  
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