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Absorber composition: A critical parameter for the effectiveness of heat treatments in chalcopyrite solar cells

Mohit Sood, Hossam Elanzeery, Damilola Adeleye, Alberto Lomuscio, Florian Werner, Florian Ehre, Michele Melchiorre, Susanne Siebentritt
2020 | Progress in Photovoltaics

The role of heterointerfaces and subgap energy states on transport mechanisms in silicon heterojunction solar cells

Paul Procel, Haiyuan Xu, Aurora Saez, Carlos Ruiz‐Tobon, Luana Mazzarella, Yifeng Zhao, Can Han, Guangtao Yang, Miro Zeman, Olindo Isabella
2020 | Progress in Photovoltaics

Doped hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon oxide layers for high‐efficiency c‐Si heterojunction solar cells

Yifeng Zhao, Luana Mazzarella, Paul Procel, Can Han, Guangtao Yang, Arthur Weeber, Miro Zeman, Olindo Isabella
2020 | Progress in Photovoltaics

Implantation‐based passivating contacts for crystalline silicon front/rear contacted solar cells

Gianluca Limodio, Guangtao Yang, Yvar De Groot, Paul Procel, Luana Mazzarella, Arthur W. Weber, Olindo Isabella, Miro Zeman
2020 | Progress in Photovoltaics
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