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Example Publications

Louse-borne relapsing fever

A D Bryceson, E H Parry, P L Perine, D A Warrell, D Vukotich, C S Leithead
1970 | The Quarterly journal of medicine

Primary hyperoxaluria (type I): attempted treatment by combined hepatic and renal transplantation

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R W Watts, R Y Calne, R Williams, M A Mansell, N Veall, P Purkiss, K Rolles
1985 | The Quarterly journal of medicine

Pharmacokinetics and clinical toxicity of quinine overdosage: lack of efficacy of techniques intended to enhance elimination

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D N Bateman, P G Blain, K W Woodhouse, M D Rawlins, H Dyson, R Heyworth, L F Prescott, A T Proudfoot
1985 | The Quarterly journal of medicine
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