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A Dynamic Study on tip-link tension and stereocilia motion in the cochlea

上海大学力学与工程科学学院,, 上海市应用数学和力学研究所,
2021 | Wuli xuebao

Enhancement of high-energy electron yield by interaction of ultra-intense laser pulses with micro-structured foam target

Liu-Lei Wei, Hong-Bo Cai, Wen-Shuai Zhang, Jian-Min Tian, En-Hao Zhang, Jun Xiong, Shao-Ping Zhu, Graduate School, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Beijing 100088, China, Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Beijing 100094, China, Center for Applied Physics and Technology, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China, IFSA Collaborative Innovation Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China, Shanghai Institute of Laser Plasma Research, Shanghai 201800, China
2019 | Wuli xuebao

Numerical study of asymmetric breakup behavior of bubbles in Y-shaped branching microchannels

Pan Wen-Tao, School of Perfume and Aroma Technology, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Shanghai 201418, China, Wen Lin, Li Shanshan, Pan Zhenhai, School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China
2022 | Wuli xuebao

Nonlinear interaction of EGAM with DW turbulence in the Dimits shift region

Wei Guangyu, 浙江大学物理学系,聚变理论与模拟中心,杭州 310027,Institute for Fusion Theory and Simulation and Department of Physics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China, Chen Ningfei, Qiu Zhiyong, Center for Nonlinear Plasma Science and ENEA C. R. Frascati,Frascati,Italy,Center for Nonlinear Plasma Science and ENEA C. R. Frascati, Frascati, Italy
2022 | Wuli xuebao

Deposition of titanium oxide films by atmospheric pressure corona discharge plasma jet

De-Lin Kong, Bing-Yan Yang, Feng He, Ruo-Yu Han, Jin-Song Miao, Ting-Lu Song, Ji-Ting Ouyang
2021 | Wuli xuebao
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