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KIR <sup>+</sup> CD8 <sup>+</sup> T cells suppress pathogenic T cells and are active in autoimmune diseases and COVID-19

Jing Li, Maxim Zaslavsky, Yapeng Su, JING GUO, Michael J. Sikora, Vincent van Unen, Asbjørn Christophersen, Shin-Heng Chiou, Liang Chen, Jiefu Li, xuhuai ji, Julie Wilhelmy (+24 others)
2022 | Science
doi:10.1126/science.abi9591   pmcid:PMC8995031  

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Bianca Lopez, Yuen Yiu, Caroline Ash, Yevgeniya Nusinovich, Priscilla N. Kelly, Yury Suleymanov, Brad Wible, Caroline Ash, Jesse Smith
2022 | Science

In Science Journals

Melissa Norton, Laura M. Zahn, Jelena Stajic, Jake Yeston, Di Jiang, Keith T. Smith, Valda Vinson, Ryo Okamoto, Beverly A. Purnell, Seth Thomas Scanlon, Pamela J. Hines, Peter Stern (+7 others)
2022 | Science
doi:10.1126/science.ada1662   pmid:35239379  
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