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The Nationalist Governmentality of the Park Chung Hee Era and Its Counter-Discourses
박정희 시대 민족주의적 통치성과 대항 담론 및 저항 주체

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Taiyoung Hong
2021 | Journal of Memory & Vision

From Reinterpretation of the Contemporary History of Liberation to Anti-Japan Tribalism: The Devolution of New-Right Economics in South Korea
<해방전후사의 재인식>에서 <반일종족주의>까지: 한국에서 '신우파 경제학'의 퇴행적 진화

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Hyeon Hyo Ahn
2021 | Journal of Memory & Vision

At the Crossroads of 'Liquidation' and 'Escape': Analysis of the Evolution and Meaning of the Discourse on Transitional Justice in South Korea
'청산'과 '탈출'의 기로에서: 경산코발트광산 과거사 청산 담론의 변동과 의미 분석

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Yongseok Noh
2021 | Journal of Memory & Vision

Student Movement Groups' Downtown Protest Tactics and the Police's Suppression Strategy: Focusing on the Struggle in May 1991
학생운동 세력의 도심 시위 전술과 경찰의 진압 작전: 1991년 '5월 투쟁'을 중심으로

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Jun-young Lee
2021 | Journal of Memory & Vision

The Tent Village Movement against the Construction of the Second Jeju Airport: A Commons Movement with Networked Social Movement Characteristics
제주 제2공항 반대 제주도청 앞 천막촌운동: 네트워크된 사회운동의 성격을 가지는 커먼즈운동

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Park Suh-Hyun
2021 | Journal of Memory & Vision
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