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Example Publications

Mother's Perceived Social Support and Children's Dental Caries in Northern Appalachia

Jacqueline M Burgette, Deborah E Polk, Nilesh Shah, Anchal Malik, Richard J Crout, Daniel W Mcneil, Betsy Foxman, Robert J Weyant, Mary L Marazita
2019 | Pediatric Dentistry

Strategies for Success: A Qualitative Study of Caregiver and Dentist Approaches to Improving Oral Care for Children with Autism

Leah I Stein Duker, Lucía I Floríndez, Dominique H Como, Christine F Tran, Benjamin F Henwood, José C Polido, Sharon A Cermak
2019 | Pediatric Dentistry

Retrospective Analysis of Candida-related Conditions in Infancy and Early Childhood Caries

Joanie Jean, Sara Goldberg, Ritu Khare, L Charles Bailey, Christopher B Forrest, Evlambia Hajishengallis, Hyun Koo
2018 | Pediatric Dentistry
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