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Create a large-scale digital library for geo-referenced information

Bin Zhu, Marshall Ramsey, Hsinchun Chen, Rosie V, Hauck, Tobun D. Ng, Bruce Schatz
1999 | Digital Libraries
doi:10.1145/313238.313445   dblp:conf/dl/ZhuRCHNS99  

Live from the stacks

Michael L. W. Jones, Robert H. Rieger, Paul Treadwell, Geri K. Gay
2000 | Digital Libraries
doi:10.1145/336597.336646   dblp:conf/dl/JonesRTG00  

Designing a children's digital library with and for children

Yin Leng Theng, Norliza Mohd-Nasir, Harold Thimbleby, George Buchanan, Matthew Jones
2000 | Digital Libraries
doi:10.1145/336597.336697   dblp:conf/dl/ThengMTBJ00  
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