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Evaluation of Bite Force and Masticatory Performance: Complete Denture vs Mandibular Overdenture Users

Anna Paula da Rosa Possebon, Alessandra Julie Schuster, Amália Machado Bielemann, Bruna Leão Porto, Noéli Boscato, Fernanda Faot
2020 | Brazilian Dental Journal
doi:10.1590/0103-6440202003525   pmid:32901716  

Model for Predicting Temporomandibular Dysfunction: Use of Classification Tree Analysis

Jorge P Waked, Mariana P. L. de A. M. Canuto, Maria Cecilia S. N. Gueiros, João Marcílio C. N. L. Aroucha, Cleysiane G. Farias, Arnaldo de F. Caldas Jr
2020 | Brazilian Dental Journal
doi:10.1590/0103-6440202003279   pmid:32901710  

Does Pigment Incorporation into Regular Composite Resins for Posterior Buildups Alter Their Bond Strength?

Flaviana Alves Dias, Maria Verônica Rodrigues Conto, Ricardo Danil Guiraldo, Omar Geha, Eloisa Aparecida Carlesse Paloco, Thais Maria Freire Fernandes, Sandrine Bittencourt Berger
2020 | Brazilian Dental Journal
doi:10.1590/0103-6440202003332   pmid:32901722  

Physical-Mechanical Properties of Bulk Fill Composites Submitted to Biodegradation by Streptococcus mutans

Jessica Rodrigues Camassari, Lourenço Correr-Sobrinho, Américo Bortolazzo Correr, Julia Puppin-Rontani, Rafael Nobrega Stipp, Regina Maria Puppin-Rontani, Andreia Bolzan de Paula
2020 | Brazilian Dental Journal
doi:10.1590/0103-6440202003196   pmid:32901721  
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