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Example Publications

Excretion of methionine and ethionine by Enterobacter aerogenes
Excreção de metionina e etionina por Enterobacter aerogenes

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I Roitman, C B da Silva, L F Linhares, L R Travassos
1965 | Anais de microbiologia

Residual virulence of lyophilized commercial BCG-Brazil vaccine, and of the one cultured in Dubos media for mice
Virulência residual da vacina BCG-Brasil comercial, liofilizada, e aquela cultivada em meio de Dubos para camundongo

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L de S Fonseca, P P Gontijo Filho
1979 | Anais de microbiologia

Ecology and taxonomy of Bacillus in Brazilian soils

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J D Van Elsas, L Seldin, E G Penido
1978 | Anais de microbiologia

Isolation and characterization of influenza virus type A, in ornamental birds, in Rio de Janeiro
Isolamento e caracterização de vírus influenza A, em aves ornamentais, no Rio de Janeiro

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J N Couceiro, J R Chaves, C T Brandão, R D Machado
1982 | Anais de microbiologia
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