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Cold Atmospheric Plasma Promotes Killing of Staphylococcus aureus by Macrophages

Constance Duchesne, Nadira Frescaline, Océane Blaise, Jean-Jacques Lataillade, Sébastien Banzet, Olivier Dussurget, Antoine Rousseau, Paul Dunman
2021 | mSphere
doi:10.1128/msphere.00217-21   pmid:34133202  

Cross-Hemisphere Study Reveals Geographically Ubiquitous, Plastic-Specific Bacteria Emerging from the Rare and Unexplored Biosphere

Brittan S. Scales, Rachel N. Cable, Melissa B. Duhaime, Gunnar Gerdts, Franziska Fischer, Dieter Fischer, Stephanie Mothes, Lisa Hintzki, Lynn Moldaenke, Matthias Ruwe, Jörn Kalinowski, Bernd Kreikemeyer (+6 others)
2021 | mSphere

A Cytopathic Effect-Based Tissue Culture Method for HCoV-OC43 Titration Using TMPRSS2-Expressing VeroE6 Cells

Ryohei Hirose, Naoto Watanabe, Risa Bandou, Takuma Yoshida, Tomo Daidoji, Yuji Naito, Yoshito Itoh, Takaaki Nakaya, Benhur Lee
2021 | mSphere
doi:10.1128/msphere.00159-21   pmid:33980675  

Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus Subgroup A and B Infections in Nasal, Bronchial, Small-Airway, and Organoid-Derived Respiratory Cultures

L. C. Rijsbergen, M. M. Lamers, A. D. Comvalius, R. W. Koutstaal, D. Schipper, W. P. Duprex, B. L. Haagmans, R. D. de Vries, R. L. de Swart, Rebecca Ellis Dutch
2021 | mSphere
doi:10.1128/msphere.00237-21   pmid:33980679  

Development and Characterization of a Highly Sensitive NanoLuciferase-Based Immunoprecipitation System for the Detection of Anti-Influenza Virus HA Antibodies

Tomoko Honda, Sumiko Gomi, Daisuke Yamane, Fumihiko Yasui, Takuya Yamamoto, Tsubasa Munakata, Yasushi Itoh, Kazumasa Ogasawara, Takahiro Sanada, Kenzaburo Yamaji, Yasuhiro Yasutomi, Kyoko Tsukiyama-Kohara (+2 others)
2021 | mSphere
doi:10.1128/msphere.01342-20   pmid:33980684  
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