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Entrepreneurship Education in Health Care Education

L. Salminen, E. Lindberg, M.-L. Gustafsson, J. Heinonen, H. Leino-Kilpi
2014 | Education Research International

Evaluating the Academic Performance of K-12 Students in the Philippines: A Standardized Evaluation Approach

Porferio M. Almerino, Lanndon A. Ocampo, Dharyll Prince M. Abellana, Jana Gloria F. Almerino, Irene O. Mamites, Lilibeth C. Pinili, Janine Joy L. Tenerife, Regina E. Sitoy, Limuel J. Abelgas, Emerson D. Peteros, Haoran Xie
2020 | Education Research International

Intelligent Tutoring System: Learning Math for 6th-Grade Primary School Students

Calvin L. King, Vincent, Kelvin, Harco L. H. S. Warnars, Nurulhuda Nordin, Wiranto H. Utomo, Ahmed Rachid
2021 | Education Research International
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