Japanese Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine
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Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine

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心療内科を受診したうつ病患者のプロスペクティブ・スタディ(第1報) : 病型と治療成績との関係
A Prospective Study of Depressed Outpatients who Visited the Department of Internal Psychosomatic Medicine (Report 1 : The Relationship between Types of Depression and Outcome)

Takehiro Nozaki, Takayuki Yoshimura, Hideyo Sugahara, Hiroshi Kawata, Kei-ichi Tamagawa, Hiroaki Nishikata, Takashi Azuma, Junko Sonoda, Kazuo Takahasi, Shinji Takeya, Masanori Handa, Fujio Tanaka (+6 others)
2002 | Japanese Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine

FAST (Family System Test)にみられた摂食障害患者3例の家族関係の検討 : FASTによる日本人の家族関係についての予備的研究
Evaluation of Family Relation Structures by the Family System Test (FAST) in 3 Patients with Eating Disorder : A Preliminary Study for Japanese Family Relations by the FAST

Junko Nakamoto, Yuka Hirabayashi, Keiko Murate, Yoshio Hayashi
2006 | Japanese Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine
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