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Experimental design of stencil-printed high-performance organic electrochemical transistors

Amir Mohammad Ghafari, Michele Catacchio, Emil Rosqvist, Axel Luukkonen, Anni Eklund, Kim Björkström, PAOLO BOLLELLA, L. Torsi, eleonora Macchia, Ronald Österbacka
2023 | Materials Advances
doi:10.1039/d3ma00888f   pmcid:PMC10711736  

Large-scale oxygen order phase transitions and fast ordering kinetics at moderate temperatures in Nd<sub>2</sub>NiO<sub>4+<i>δ</i></sub> electrodes

Sumit Ranjan Maity, Monica Ceretti, Ruben De Barros, Lukas Keller, Jürg Schefer, Antonio Cervellino, RODRIGUEZ-VELAMAZAN, Werner Paulus
2023 | Materials Advances
doi:10.1039/d2ma00833e   pmcid:PMC9869455  

Enabling water-free PEDOT as hole selective layer in lead-free tin perovskite solar cells

DIEGO DI GIROLAMO, Ece Aktas, Corinna Ponti, Jorge Pascual, Guixiang Li, Meng Li, Giuseppe Nasti, Fahad Alharthi, Francesco Mura, Antonio Abate
2022 | Materials Advances
doi:10.1039/d2ma00834c   pmcid:PMC9743132  
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