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Phylogeny, classification and biogeography of

Erin L. Batty, Gareth Holmes, Daniel J. Murphy, Paul I. Forster, Will C. Neal, Michael Bayly, Jennifer Tate
2022 | Australian Systematic Botany

Morphological and molecular evidence refute a broad circumscription for

Matt Renner, Russell Barrett, Steve Clarke, James Clugston, Trevor Wilson, Peter H. Weston, Daniel Murphy
2022 | Australian Systematic Botany

There's gold in them thar hills! Morphology and molecules delimit species in

Timothy Collins, Alexander Schmidt-Lebuhn, Rose L. Andrew, Ian Telford, Jeremy Bruhl, David Cantrill
2022 | Australian Systematic Botany

Tasmanian and Victorian populations of the fern Asplenium hookerianum result from independent dispersals from New Zealand

Leon R. Perrie, Daniel J. Ohlsen, Lara D. Shepherd, Michael Garrett, Patrick J. Brownsey, Michael J. Bayly
2010 | Australian Systematic Botany
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