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Elementary and Middle School Teachers' Needs for Career Experience Education
초중등 교사의 진로체험교육 요구분석

Jae-Ki Kwon, Mikyung Chung
2020 | The Korea Educational Review

The Differences of Chinese Pre-service Early Childhood Teachers' Learning Flow, Creativity and Life Satisfaction by Cluster Types Based on the Grit
중국 예비유아교사의 그릿 군집 유형에 따른 학습몰입, 창의성과 삶의 만족도의 차이

Yumin Liu, GYU-PAN CHO
2020 | The Korea Educational Review

A Study on School Close Policy from the Point of Curriculum and Instruction
수업과 교육과정 운영의 측면에서 본 소규모 초등학교 통·폐합: 전라북도 지역을 중심으로

Jong Pil Park
2020 | The Korea Educational Review

Identifying individual and secondary school factors affecting mathematics achievement among 12th graders in Seoul city: Applying Cross Classified Random Effect Model
서울시 학생들의 수학성취에 대한 개인 및 학교수준 영향요인 검증: 교차분류무선효과 모형의 적용

Unkyung No, SooKyoung Son, Hyejung Lim, Suehye Kim
2020 | The Korea Educational Review
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