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Psychological Resilience in West Point Graduates: Results From a Nationally Representative Study

Melissa M. Thomas, Robert H. Pietrzak, Dana Nguyen, Diane Ryan, Steven M. Southwick, Carolyn M. Mazure
2021 | Chronic Stress
doi:10.1177/24705470211053850   pmcid:PMC8573692  

Processing of Positive Visual Stimuli Before and After Symptoms Provocation in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder – A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Trauma-Affected Male Refugees

Sigurd W. Uldall, Kristoffer H. Madsen, Hartwig R. Siebner, Ruth Lanius, Paul Frewen, Elvira Fischer, Camilla G. Madsen, Anne-Mette Leffers, Egill Rostrup, Jessica L. Carlsson, Ayna B. Nejad
2020 | Chronic Stress
doi:10.1177/2470547020917623   pmcid:PMC7254584  

Hippocampal Volume in Psychiatric Diagnoses: Should Psychiatry Biomarker Research Account for Comorbidities?

Savannah N. Gosnell, Matthew J. Meyer, Cassandra Jennings, Danna Ramirez, Jake Schmidt, John Oldham, Ramiro Salas
2020 | Chronic Stress
doi:10.1177/2470547020906799   pmcid:PMC7219869  
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