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Minimally-modeled search of higher multipole gravitational-wave radiation in compact binary coalescences.

G. Vedovato, Edoardo Milotti, Giovanni Andrea Prodi, Sophie Bini, Marco Drago, V. Gayathri, Odysse Halim, Claudia Lazzaro, Dixeena Lopez, Andrea Miani, Brendan O'Brian, Francesco Salemi (+4 others)
2021 | Classical and quantum gravity

Exploration of co-sputtered Ta2O5–ZrO2 thin films for gravitational-wave detectors

Matthew Abernathy, Alex Amato, A Ananyeva, S Angelova, B Baloukas, Riccardo Bassiri, G Billingsley, R Birney, G Cagnoli, Maurizio Canepa, M Coulon, J Degallaix (+36 others)
2021 | Classical and quantum gravity

Scalar fields in causal dynamical triangulations

Jan Ambjorn, Zbigniew Drogosz, Jakub Gizbert-Studnicki, Andrzej Görlich, Jerzy Jurkiewicz, Daniel Nemeth
2021 | Classical and quantum gravity

Discovering features in gravitational-wave data through detector characterization, citizen science and machine learning

siddharth soni, Christopher Berry, Scott Coughlin, Mahboobeh Harandi, Corey Jackson, Kevin Crowston, Carsten Østerlund, Oli Patane, Aggelos Katsaggelos, Laura Trouille, Victor-Georges Baranowski, Wilfried Domainko (+9 others)
2021 | Classical and quantum gravity
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