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Biopolymeric Coacervate Microvectors for the Delivery of Functional Proteins to Cells

Wenjin Xiao, Monika D Jakimowicz, Ioannis Zampetakis, Sarah Neely, Fabrizio Scarpa, Sean A Davis, David S Williams, Adam W Perriman
2020 | Advanced Biosystems
doi:10.1002/adbi.202000101   pmid:33166084  

Tension Causes Unfolding of Intracellular Vimentin Intermediate Filaments

Frederik Fleissner, Sachin Kumar, Noreen Klein, Daniel Wirth, Ravi Dhiman, Dirk Schneider, Mischa Bonn, Sapun H. Parekh
2020 | Advanced Biosystems
doi:10.1002/adbi.202000111   pmid:33135378  

Enhanced Cellular Transduction of Nanoparticles Resistant to Rapidly Forming Plasma Protein Coronas

Lia A Blokpoel Ferreras, Daniel Scott, Saul Vazquez Reina, Paul Roach, Teobaldo E Torres, Gerardo F Goya, Kevin M Shakesheff, James E Dixon
2020 | Advanced Biosystems
doi:10.1002/adbi.202000162   pmid:32924327  
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