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Depression and Anxiety Disorders Impact in the Quality of Life of Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Jesús K. Yamamoto-Furusho, Katya E. Bozada Gutiérrez, Andrea Sarmiento-Aguilar, Ana Fresán-Orellana, Perla Arguelles-Castro, Mario García-Alanis, James Grutsch
2021 | Psychiatry Journal
doi:10.1155/2021/5540786   pmcid:PMC8566083  

Neurodevelopmental Disorder Traits in Taijin-Kyofu-sho and Social Anxiety Disorder: A Cross-Sectional Study among University Students

Kosuke Kajitani, Rikako Tsuchimoto, Yusaku Omodaka, Tomoko Matsushita, Hideaki Fukumori, Takeshi Sato, Jun Nagano, Joan Busner
2021 | Psychiatry Journal
doi:10.1155/2021/1661617   pmcid:PMC8463244  

Differences in Psychological and Behavioral Changes between Children following School Closure due to COVID-19

Kiwamu Nakachi, Kentaro Kawabe, Rie Hosokawa, Ayumi Yoshino, Fumie Horiuchi, Shu-ichi Ueno, Joan Busner
2021 | Psychiatry Journal
doi:10.1155/2021/5567732   pmcid:PMC8407978  
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