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Artificial Intelligence Approach for Variant Reporting

Michael G Zomnir, Lev Lipkin, Maciej Pacula, Enrique Dominguez Meneses, Allison MacLeay, Sekhar Duraisamy, Nishchal Nadhamuni, Saeed H Al Turki, Zongli Zheng, Miguel Rivera, Valentina Nardi, Dora Dias-Santagata (+3 others)
2018 | JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics
pmid:30364844   pmcid:PMC6198661  

Informatics Approaches to Address New Challenges in the Classification of Lymphoid Malignancies

Jacob Jordan, Jordan S. Goldstein, David L. Jaye, Metin Gurcan, Christopher R. Flowers, Lee A.D. Cooper
2018 | JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics
doi:10.1200/cci.17.00039   pmid:30637363   pmcid:PMC6324571  

Creating a Synthetic Clinical Trial: Comparative Effectiveness Analyses Using an Electronic Medical Record

Marjorie G. Zauderer, Aleksandr Grigorenko, Paul May, Nicholas Kastango, Isaac Wagner, Aryeh Caroline, Mark G. Kris
2019 | JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics
doi:10.1200/cci.19.00037   pmid:31225984   pmcid:PMC6874028  
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