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Clustering dependence on Ly<i>α</i> luminosity from MUSE surveys at 3 < <i>z</i> < 6

Yohana Herrero Alonso, Takamitsu Miyaji, L. Wisotzki, M. Krumpe, Jorryt Matthee, Joop Schaye, H. Aceves, H. Kusakabe, Tanya Urrutia
2023 | Astronomy and Astrophysics

TOI-1055 b: Neptunian planet characterised with HARPS, TESS, and CHEOPS

A. Bonfanti, D. Gandolfi, J. A. Egger, L. Fossati, J. Cabrera, A. Krenn, Y. Alibert, W. Benz, N. Billot, H.-G. Florén, M. Lendl, V. Adibekyan (+9 others)
2023 | Astronomy and Astrophysics
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