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The original water industry

Michael Frangos, Brad Moggridge, Troyson Bassani, Phil Duncan, Torres Webb
2020 | Water e-Journal

Estimating ADWF at Sewage Treatment Plants

David de Haas, Stuart Ng, Nick Dahl, Dean Baulch
2021 | Water e-Journal

Using artificial intelligence to improve pipe condition assessment

Quentin Bechet, Xavier Philoleau, Melissa Mellado-Ruiz, Amanda Siqueira, Michelle Aguilar
2020 | Water e-Journal

Contaminants of Emerging Concern

Laura Kuskopf, Madoc Sheehan, Anna Whelan
2020 | Water e-Journal

Australian exemplars of sustainable and economic managed aquifer recharge

Joanne Vanderzalm, Bruce Naumann, Simon Higginson, Declan Page, Andrew Jones, Vanessa Moscovis, Stacey Hamilton, Dennis Gonzales, Graeme Dandy, Karen Dillon, Peter Dillon, Henning Prommer (+1 others)
2021 | Water e-Journal

Enhancing Sydney Water's leak prevention through acoustic monitoring

Rebeka Nikoloska, Lili Bykerk, Dammika Vitanage, Jaime Valls Miro, Fang Chen, Yang Wang, Bin Liang
2020 | Water e-Journal

Data-driven water quality prediction in chloraminated systems

Andrew Peters, Bin Liang, Hongda Tian, Zhidong Li, Corinna Doolan, Dammika Vitanage, Hannah Norris, Kate Simpson, Yang Wang, Fang Chen
2020 | Water e-Journal

"Gully pit inserts" shown to reduce pollutants in stormwater

Brad Dalrymple, Michael Wicks, Warren Jones, Blake Allingham
2021 | Water e-Journal

Characterising sources of groundwater contamination

William McCance, Oliver A.H Jones, Aravind Surapaneni, Matthew Currell
2020 | Water e-Journal

Using a Rapid Assessment Tool to Improve Water Quality Testing Results

Sarah Schroeder, Audrey Killeen, Sanjay Kumarasingham, Annette Davison
2021 | Water e-Journal

Ensuring Perth, Western Australia, transitions to a leading water sensitive city

Briony Rogers, Nadine Riethmuller, Antonietta Torre, Shelley Shepherd, Winsome MacLaurin, Chris Chesterfield
2021 | Water e-Journal
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