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Effects on Organizational Commitment and Safety Behavior of Employment Anxiety for PSD Maintenance Workers
PSD 유지보수 종사자가 지각하는 고용불안이 조직몰입과 안전행동에 미치는 영향

Sang-Hwi Lee, Tae-Sam Kwon, You-Sung Baek, Young-Sik Choi, Si-Gon Kim
2018 | Journal of the Korean society for railway

Comparative Study to Predict Power Generation using Meteorological Information for Expansion of Photovoltaic Power Generation System for Railway Infrastructure
철도인프라용 태양광발전시스템 확대를 위한 기상정보 활용 발전량 예측 비교 연구

Bok-Jong Yoo, Chan-Bae Park, Ju Lee
2017 | Journal of the Korean society for railway

Effect of Design variables of Rail Surface Measuring Device on Acoustic Roughness and Spectral Analysis
레일표면 측정장치의 설계변수가 음향조도 스펙트럼 분석에 미치는 영향

Wootae Jeong, Seungwoo Jeon, Dahae Jeong, Han Shin Choi
2017 | Journal of the Korean society for railway

Evaluation of Uplift Forces Acting on Fastening Systems at the Bridge Deck End Considering Nonlinear Behaviors of the Fastening Systems
체결장치 비선형 거동을 고려한 교량 단부에서의 체결장치 압상력 평가

Sin Chu Yang, Hak Hyung Kim, Jung Sik Kong
2017 | Journal of the Korean society for railway
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