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Analyses of the Patterns of the Synchronous and Asynchronous Social Media Usage in College e-Learning Settings
대학 이러닝 환경에서 실시간과 비실시간 소셜미디어 활용유형 차이분석

Sang-Hyeon Eom, Keol Lim
2017 | Journal of Digital Convergence

The Effects of Sense of Community and Trust in Charitable Organization on Donation Motive and Attitude of Adolescents
청소년의 공동체의식과 기부기관신뢰가 기부동기와 기부태도에 미치는 영향

Chang-Seek Lee, Ha-Young Jang
2017 | Journal of Digital Convergence

An Adaptive Traffic Interference Control System for Wireless Home IoT services
무선 홈 IoT 서비스를 위한 적응형 트래픽 간섭제어 시스템

Chong-Deuk Lee
2017 | Journal of Digital Convergence

Comparisons of Cognitive Functions between Urban and Rural Dwelling Older Adults: A Preliminary Study
도시와 농촌거주 노인의 인지기능 비교: 예비연구

Jung Wan Kim, Yeonwook Kang, Ji Hye Yoon
2017 | Journal of Digital Convergence

Study on Narrators in the Realism Plays -Our Town and A View from the Bridge
사실주의 연극의 Narrator 연구 - Our Town과 A View from the Bridge의 경우

Soonmo Oh
2017 | Journal of Digital Convergence
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