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The Effects of Nursing Students' Learning Motivation and Learning Commitment on Adaptation to College Life
간호대학생의 학습동기, 학습몰입이 대학생활 적응에 미치는 영향

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Jae-Kyeum Lee, Jung-Geun Lee, Won-Jong Kim
2020 | The Journal of Kyungpook Nursing Science

Predictors of the Severity of Dysmenorrhea Among Female College Students: Menstrual and Behavioral Factors, Self-Compassion
여대생의 월경곤란증의 중증도 예측요인: 월경특성, 행동특성, 자기자비

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Seung A Lee
2020 | The Journal of Kyungpook Nursing Science

Relationship between Clinical Practice Stress, Resilience, and Depression in Nursing Students
간호대학생의 임상실습 스트레스, 회복탄력성 및 우울과의 관계

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Hongju Park, Namhee Kim
2020 | The Journal of Kyungpook Nursing Science

Awareness, Current Educational State and Educational Requirements of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality among Nursing Students
가상현실과 증강현실에 대한 간호대학생의 인식과 관련 교육실태 및 요구도 조사

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Ga Eul Joo, Bo Na Kim, Min Jung Park, Sang Uk Park, Ae Rin Bang, Yu Jin Lim, Gyeong Bin Jeong, Ji Min Jeong, Yeon Jung Joo
2020 | The Journal of Kyungpook Nursing Science

The Effect of Nursing College Student's Communication Ability and Self-Esteem on Self-Leadership
간호대학생의 의사소통능력, 자아존중감이 셀프리더십에 미치는 영향

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Woo Joung Joung, Eunbin Park, Ryeong Ha  Kim, Won Je  Lee, Ji Su  Lim
2020 | The Journal of Kyungpook Nursing Science
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