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Ultramicroporous iron-isonicotinate MOFs combining size-exclusion kinetics and thermodynamics for efficient CO<sub>2</sub>/N<sub>2</sub> gas separation

Isabel Abánades Lázaro, Eleni C. Mazarakioti, Eduardo Andres-Garcia, Bruno J C Vieira, João Carlos Waerenborgh, Iñigo J. Vitórica-Yrezábal, Mónica Giménez-Marqués, Guillermo Minguez Espallargas
2023 | Journal of Materials Chemistry A
doi:10.1039/d2ta08934c   pmcid:PMC9990143  

Cooperative CO<sub>2</sub> adsorption mechanism in a perfluorinated Ce<sup>IV</sup>-based metal organic framework

Margherita Cavallo, CESARE ATZORI, MATTEO SIGNORILE, Ferdinando Costantino, Diletta Morelli Venturi, Athanasios Koutsianos, Kirill A. Lomachenko, LUCIA CALUCCI, francesca martini, Andrea Giovanelli, Marco Geppi, Valentina Crocellà (+1 others)
2023 | Journal of Materials Chemistry A
doi:10.1039/d2ta09746j   pmcid:PMC10012411  

Re-investigating the structure-property relationship of the solid electrolyte Li<sub>3-x</sub>In<sub>1-x</sub>Zr<sub>x</sub>Cl<sub>6</sub> and the impact of In-Zr(IV) substitution

Eveline van der Maas, Theodosios Famprikis, Saskia Pieters, Jonas Dijkstra, Zhaolong Li, Steven Parnell, Ronald Smith, Ernst van Eck, Swapna Ganapathy, Marnix Wagemaker
2023 | Journal of Materials Chemistry A
doi:10.1039/d2ta08433c   pmcid:PMC9969333  

Demonstrating the Source of Inherent Instability in NeFe LDH-Based OER Electrocatalysts

Valeria Nicolosi, Daire Tyndall, Michael John Craig, Lee Gannon, Cormac McGuinness, Niall McEvoy, Ahin Roy, Max Garcia-Melchor, Michelle Phillippa Browne
2023 | Journal of Materials Chemistry A
doi:10.1039/d2ta07261k   pmcid:PMC9942694  

Conformal carbon nitride thin film inter-active interphase heterojunction with sustainable carbon enhancing sodium storage performance

Enis Oğuzhan Eren, Evgeny Senokos, Zihan Song, Elif Begum, Irina shekova, Bolortuya Badamdorj, Iver Lauermann, Nadezda V. Tarakina, Majd Al-Naji, Markus Antonietti, Paolo Giusto
2023 | Journal of Materials Chemistry A
doi:10.1039/d2ta07391a   pmcid:PMC9844057  
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