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Potential Malaysian medicinal plants for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Kesevan Rajah Kumaran, Mohamad Anuar Ahad, Mira Syahfriena Amir Rawa, Habibah Wahab, Zurina Hassan
2019 | Australian Herbal Insight

A Review on Cassia alata: Pharmacological, Traditional and Medicinal Aspects

Ranjanie Dewi, Yuhanis Firza, Mohammed Ali Nashiry, Fouad Saleih R. Al-Suedea, Aman Shah Abdul Majid
2019 | Australian Herbal Insight

Metabolic Syndrome and Cat Whiskers Herb

Raghdaa Al Zarzour, Aman Shah Abdul Majid, Amin Malik Shah Abdul Majid
2018 | Australian Herbal Insight

Phenology of Bauhinia holophylla Steud.

Josimara Nolasco Rondon, Marcos Pereira Marinho Aidar, Lilian Beatriz, Penteado Zaidan, Francilina Araujo Costa, Md. Shamsuddin Sultan Khan
2018 | Australian Herbal Insight
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