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This page summarizes and visualizes the article-level (or output-level) preservation status for a single publication venue (Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences). Fatcat is a preservation-oriented catalog, and metadata is aggregated from many sources.

However, metadata quality and consistency is difficult at scale and there may be preservation coverage not recorded here, or in some rare cases we may have content incorrectly matched and marked as preserved. Please contact us or submit corrections directly if you find any mistakes or inaccuracies.

Overall Preservation Coverage

1,852 89.95% preserved and publicly accessible (bright)
140 6.8% preserved but not publicly accessible (dark)
67 3.26% no known independent preservation
2,059 total

Known Holdings Elsewhere

This table is based on KBART reports from large, independent, long-term digital preservation projects. We use the start and stop years of fulltext coverage, then count individuals works as included or not on the basis of year alone (not considering volume or issue metadata). These are mostly "dark" archives, with no direct public access to holdings.

The Keeper's Registry project, currently run by, is a more authoritative source for aggregated KBART reports, and includes more archives. You can double check the Keeper's entry for this ISSN on; click through to the "Archival Status" link to see holdings information.

Archive Year Span(s)
CLOCKSS 2010 to 2018
HathiTrust 1974 to 1981
1983 to 1986
LOCKSS 2010 to 2021
Portico 2009 to 2009

Preservation Coverage by Year

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Preservation Coverage by Volume Number

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Preservation Coverage by Release Type

Release Type Total Count Coverage
article-journal 2,059