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Effect of Subureteral Injection of Polydimethylsiloxane (PDS) in Children with Vesicoureteral Reflux

Sun-Ouck Kim, Jae-Sang Joo, Chang Min Im, Kyung-Jin Oh, Seung-Il Jung, Taek Won Kang, Dongdeuk Kwon, Kwangsung Park, Soo-Bang Ryu
2008 | Chonnam Medical Journal

Sarcomatoid Carcinoma in the Urinary Bladder

Dong Hoon Yoo, Woo Huck Jang, Joo Young Yim, Mu Yeal Seo, Seong Woon Park
2010 | Chonnam Medical Journal

Coronary Arteriovenous Fistulas with Aneurysm

Myong-joo Hong, Sun-ho Hwang, Hyung-min Noh, Kyong-hee Hong, Seung-ju Kim, Jong-bum Kim, Chan-young Park, Won-yu Kang, Wan Kim
2010 | Chonnam Medical Journal

Comparison between the Left and Right Transradial Coronary Angiograms and Interventions in Elderly Patients

Min Geun Lee, Jang Hyun Cho, Young Jun Hwang, Woo Jong Kim, Jae Sung Yoon, Jun Young Kim, Su Hyun Kim, Myung Ho Jeong
2010 | Chonnam Medical Journal

A Case of Gastric Adenocarcinoma Developed in Neuroendocrine Carcinoma after Chemotherapy

Seong-Uk Lim, Seong-Rye Seo, Ju-Young Yoon, Dae-Ho Cho, Soo-Young Bae, Woo-Kyun Bae, Hyun-Jeong Shim, Sang-hee Cho, Ik-Joo Chung
2008 | Chonnam Medical Journal

Therapeutic Effects of 1% Cyclosporin A Eyedrops on Herpetic Stromal Keratitis

Kwang-Hoon Lee, Chang-Soo Park, Sang-Woo Juhng, Je-Moon Woo, Yeoung-Geol Park, Kyung-Chul Yoon
2008 | Chonnam Medical Journal

The Short-term Efficacy and Safety of On-line Hemodiafiltration

Hyung-Chul Lee, Joon-Suk Choi, Dae-Hun Lim, Ji-Min Jeong, Pyung-Kyun Park, An-Doc Jung, Myong-Yun Nah, Nam-ho Kim
2010 | Chonnam Medical Journal

Usefulness of Plasma Von Willebrand Factor and Brachial Artery Endothelial Dysfunction to Predict Variant Angina

Sook Hee Cho, In Hyae Park, Myung Ho Jeong, Jin Soo Choi, Hyun Ju Yun, Kye Hun Kim, Young Joon Hong, Hyung Wook Park, Ju Han Kim, Youngkeun Ahn, Jeong Gwan Cho, Jong Chun Park (+1 others)
2008 | Chonnam Medical Journal

Predictors of Mortality in Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients with Cardiogenic Shock Who Underwent Percutaneous Coronary Intervention with the Aid of an Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump

Jeong Hun Kim, Myung Ho Jeong, Jin Su Choi, Jung Ae Rhee, In Soo Kim, Ok Ja Choi, Eun Jeong Kim, Doo Sun Sim, Young Joon Hong, Ju Han Kim, Young Keun Ahn, Jeong Gwan Cho (+2 others)
2009 | Chonnam Medical Journal

Long Term Follow-up Results of Topical 0.05% Cyclosporine A in Patient with Dry Eye

In Young Jeong, Yong Wook Park, Shin Seok Lee, Je-Moon Woo, Yeoung-Geol Park, Kyung-Chul Yoon
2008 | Chonnam Medical Journal

The Effectiveness of Combination Therapy with Peginterferon ╬▒-2a and Ribavirin in Chronic Hepatitis C

Yeon-Joo Kim, Young-Il Kim, Young-A Song, Nam-Cheol Jin, Sung-Ryoun Lim, Dae-Yeul Ryang, Kyoung-Myeun Chung, Seon-Young Park, Chang-Hwan Park, Hyun-Soo Kim, Sung-Kyu Choi, Jong-Sun Rew
2008 | Chonnam Medical Journal
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