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The Korea Society for Child Education (KSCE)

Example Publications

The Effects of Mother's Behavior Control Trajectory on School Adjustment, Studying Ability and Subjective Happiness for Children
어머니의 행동적 통제 변화궤적이 학령전기 및 초등 저학년 아동의 학교적응, 학업수행능력, 주관적 행복감에 미치는 영향

Chung-IL Kim, Yun-Jeong Kwon
2018 | The Korean Society for Child Education

The Mediating Effect of Teacher Efficacy on Correlation between Child Care Teacher's Teaching Profession Passion and Happiness: Focused on the Employer-Supported Child Care Centers
보육교사의 교직에 대한 열정과 행복감 간의 관계에서 교사효능감의 매개효과: 직장보육시설을 중심으로

Hye-yeong Choi, Su-young Kim
2018 | The Korean Society for Child Education

The Validity and Norms of Reading Motivation Scale for Elementary School Students
초등학생 읽기동기 척도의 타당화 및 규준 연구

Soo-Jeong Jeong, Na-Ya Choi
2018 | The Korean Society for Child Education
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