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Physical activity and its clinical correlates in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension

Cristine Schmidt, Miguel Monteiro, Inês Furtado, Luísa Carvalho, Fabienne Gonçalves, Abílio Reis, Mário Santos
2022 | Pulmonary Circulation
doi:10.1002/pul2.12048   pmcid:PMC9063965  

Proteomics discovery of pulmonary hypertension biomarkers: Insulin‐like growth factor binding proteins are associated with disease severity

Melanie K. Nies, Jun Yang, Megan Griffiths, Rachel Damico, Jie Zhu, Dhananjay Vaydia, Zongming Fu, Stephanie Brandal, Eric D. Austin, Dunbar D. Ivy, Paul M. Hassoun, Jennifer E. Van Eyk (+1 others)
2022 | Pulmonary Circulation
doi:10.1002/pul2.12039   pmcid:PMC9063962  

Role of cardiopulmonary exercise test in the prediction of hemodynamic impairment in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension

Beatrice Pezzuto, R. Badagliacca, M. Muratori, S. Farina, M. Bussotti, M. Correale, A. Bonomi, C. Vignati, S. Sciomer, S. Papa, E. Palazzo Adriano, P. Agostoni
2022 | Pulmonary Circulation
doi:10.1002/pul2.12044   pmcid:PMC9052996  

Tadalafil for veterans with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease—pulmonary hypertension: A multicenter, placebo‐controlled randomized trial

Bradley Maron, Gaurav Choudhary, Rebekah L. Goldstein, Eric Garshick, Matthew Jankowich, Troo J. S. Tucker, Kathleen A. LaCerda, Brack Hattler, Edward C. Dempsey, Ruxana T. Sadikot, Shelley Shapiro, Sharon I. Rounds (+1 others)
2022 | Pulmonary Circulation
doi:10.1002/pul2.12043   pmcid:PMC9053004  
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