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A Study on Family Dynamics that Influenced the Development of Gambling Addiction - A Family Therapy Case of a Client with Gambling Addiction -
도박중독 발생에 영향을 미친 가족 역동에 관한 연구 -가족치료 사례를 중심으로-

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Yeong Yun Bae, Hye Rin Moon, Chun Hua Cui, Tai-Young Park
2022 | Korean Journal of Family Social Work

Risk Factor Profiles and Child Maltreatment Recurrence for and in Young Children
영유아기 아동학대 위험요인 유형화와 재학대 간의 관계

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Sewon Kim, Bong Joo LEE, Hyun-Soo Kim, Joan Paek Yoo, Sang-Gyun Lee
2022 | Korean Journal of Family Social Work

The Relationship of Self-rated Health Status and Suicide Risk among People with Cancers - Testing the Mediating Effect of Depression and Moderated Mediating Effect of TSL Communication between Families -
암환자의 주관적 건강인식이 자살위험성에 미치는 영향 -우울의 매개효과와 가족 대상 TSL 의사소통의 조절된 매개효과 검증-

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Jae Yop Kim, Sung Gyul Hwang, Sung Hun Bae, Ho Koung Hwang
2022 | Korean Journal of Family Social Work

Data Mining Comparative Analysis of Health Behavior Classification Prediction by Social Relations of Children and Youth by Income Division
소득구간별 아동⋅청소년의 사회관계에 의한 건강행위 분류예측의 데이터마이닝 비교분석

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So-Hyeong Kim, Hyun-Ok Kim, Kyoung-Ho Kim
2022 | Korean Journal of Family Social Work
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