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Published by Sociedade Brasileira de Protecao Radiologica - SBPR

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Influence of image reconstruction protocols on the image quality of a small animal PET scanner using 18F and 11C

João Vitor Do Carmo Barbosa, Rodrigo Modesto Gadelha Gontijo, Guilherme Cavalcante de Albuquerque Souza, Bruno Melo Mendes, Juliana Batista da Silva, Marcelo Mamede, Andréa Vidal Ferreira
2021 | Brazilian Journal of Radiation Sciences

Application of area monitors and scintillating detectors in the development of CBRN defense reconnaissance vehicles

Thiago De Medeiros Silveira Silva, Ana Carolina Lodi Lobato, Anne Karoline F. Mendonça, Ary Machado de Azevedo, Caio Cezar Pontes, Domingos D'Oliveira Cardoso, Marcelus Paulo Cruz Da Silva, Augilmar Pereira Salazar, Victor De Castro Vasconcelos, Wallace Vallory Nunes
2021 | Brazilian Journal of Radiation Sciences

Commissioning of the Radiation Monitor Calibration Laboratory (LabCal) of IDQBRN for cesium-137 irradiation system

Thiago De Medeiros Silveira Silva, Aneuri Souza de Amorim, Mario Cesar Viegas Balthar, Avelino dos Santos, Rodrigo Carneiro Curzio, Domingos D'Oliveira Cardoso, Wallace Vallory Nunes
2021 | Brazilian Journal of Radiation Sciences
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