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Integrated longitudinal immunophenotypic, transcriptional and repertoire analyses delineate immune responses in COVID-19 patients

Samuele Notarbartolo, Valeria Ranzani, Alessandra Bandera, Paola Gruarin, Valeria Bevilacqua, Anna Rita Putignano, Andrea Gobbini, Eugenia Galeota, Cristina Manara, Mauro Bombaci, Elisa Pesce, Elena Zagato (+25 others)
2021 | Science immunology

The chemerin-CMKLR1 axis limits thermogenesis by controlling a beige adipocyte/IL-33/type 2 innate immunity circuit

Yuli Lin, Liuling Xiao, Qian Cai, Cuisong Zhu, Shufen Li, Bingji Li, Ting Liu, Qiongyue Zhang, Yi Wang, Yiming Li, Xing He, Dongning Pan (+6 others)
2021 | Science immunology

Cross-reactive antibodies against human coronaviruses and the animal coronavirome suggest diagnostics for future zoonotic spillovers

Shelley Klompus, Sigal Leviatan, Thomas Vogl, Roei D. Mazor, Iris N. Kalka, Liat Stoler-Barak, Nachum Nathan, Ayelet Peres, Lihee Moss, Anastasia Godneva, Sharon Kagan Ben Tikva, Eilat Shinar (+8 others)
2021 | Science immunology
doi:10.1126/sciimmunol.abe9950   pmid:34326184  

OAS1/RNase L executes RIG-I ligand–dependent tumor cell apoptosis

Daniel F. R. Boehmer, Simone Formisano, Carina C. de Oliveira Mann, Stephan A. Mueller, Michael Kluge, Philipp Metzger, Meino Rohlfs, Christine Hörth, Lorenz Kocheise, Stefan F. Lichtenthaler, Karl-Peter Hopfner, Stefan Endres (+5 others)
2021 | Science immunology
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