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Factors influencing utilisation of 'free-standing' and 'alongside' midwifery units for low-risk births in England: a mixed-methods study

Denis Walsh, Helen Spiby, Christine McCourt, Dawn Coleby, Celia Grigg, Simon Bishop, Miranda Scanlon, Lorraine Culley, Jane Wilkinson, Lynne Pacanowski, Jim Thornton
2020 | Health Services and Delivery Research

Social norms interventions to change clinical behaviour in health workers: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Sarah Cotterill, Mei Yee Tang, Rachael Powell, Elizabeth Howarth, Laura McGowan, Jane Roberts, Benjamin Brown, Sarah Rhodes
2020 | Health Services and Delivery Research

Commissioning for long-term conditions: hearing the voice of and engaging users – a qualitative multiple case study

Stephen Peckham, Patricia Wilson, Lorraine Williams, Jane Smiddy, Sally Kendall, Fiona Brooks, Joanne Reay, Douglas Smallwood, Linda Bloomfield
2014 | Health Services and Delivery Research

From programme theory to logic models for multispecialty community providers: a realist evidence synthesis

Rod Sheaff, Sarah L Brand, Helen Lloyd, Amanda Wanner, Mauro Fornasiero, Simon Briscoe, Jose M Valderas, Richard Byng, Mark Pearson
2018 | Health Services and Delivery Research

The delivery of chemotherapy at home: an evidence synthesis

Mark Corbett, Morag Heirs, Micah Rose, Alison Smith, Lisa Stirk, Gerry Richardson, Daniel Stark, Daniel Swinson, Dawn Craig, Alison Eastwood
2015 | Health Services and Delivery Research
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