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Tectonic control on the palaeogeographical evolution of the Miocene seaway along the Western Alpine foreland basin

Amir KALIFI, Philippe Sorrel, Philippe Leloup, Albert Galy, Vincenzo Spina, Bastien Huet, Séverine Russo, Bernard Pittet, Jean-Loup Rubino
2021 | Geological Society Special Publication

Igneous and sedimentary 'limestones': the puzzling challenge of a converging classification

Francesco Stoppa, Simonetta Cirilli, Andrea Sorci, Sam Broom-Fendley, claudia principe, Maria Grazia Perna, Gianluigi ROSATELLI
2021 | Geological Society Special Publication

Petrogenesis of Mediterranean lamproites and associated rocks: the role of overprinted metasomatic events in the postcollisional lithospheric upper mantle

Martina Casalini, Riccardo Avanzinelli, Simone Tommasini, Claudio Natali, Gianluca Bianchini, Dejan Prelević, Massimo MATTEI, Sandro Conticelli
2021 | Geological Society Special Publication
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