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ARES.* V. No Evidence For Molecular Absorption in the HST WFC3 Spectrum of GJ 1132 b

Lorenzo V. Mugnai, Darius Modirrousta-Galian, Billy Edwards, Quentin Changeat, Jeroen Bouwman, Giuseppe Morello, Ahmed Al-Refaie, Robin Baeyens, Michelle Fabienne Bieger, Doriann Blain, Amélie Gressier, Gloria Guilluy (+16 others)
2021 | Astronomical Journal

Occultation of a Large Star by the Large Plutino (28978) Ixion on 2020 October 13 UTC

Stephen E. Levine, Carlos A. Zuluaga, Michael J. Person, Amanda A. Sickafoose, Amanda S. Bosh, Michael Collins
2021 | Astronomical Journal

TESS Delivers Five New Hot Giant Planets Orbiting Bright Stars from the Full-frame Images

Joseph E. Rodriguez, Samuel N. Quinn, George Zhou, Andrew Vanderburg, Louise D. Nielsen, Robert A. Wittenmyer, Rafael Brahm, Phillip A. Reed, Chelsea X. Huang, Sydney Vach, David R. Ciardi, Ryan J. Oelkers (+106 others)
2021 | Astronomical Journal

The HOSTS Survey: Evidence for an Extended Dust Disk and Constraints on the Presence of Giant Planets in the Habitable Zone of β Leo

D. Defrère, P. M. Hinz, G. M. Kennedy, J. Stone, J. Rigley, S. Ertel, A. Gaspar, V. P. Bailey, W. F. Hoffmann, B. Mennesson, R. Millan-Gabet, W. C. Danchi (+29 others)
2021 | Astronomical Journal
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