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Fatcat is a versioned, user-editable catalog of research publications including journal articles, conference proceedings, and datasets.

Features include archival file-level metadata (verified digests and long-term copies), a preservation coverage visualizer, work/edition grouping, an open API, and public metadata dumps.  Read more...

Our goal is to ensure long-term access to research content on the "scholarly web" by tracking holes in preservation coverage across digital preservation efforts

This service is hosted at the Internet Archive, a US non-profit digital library dedicated to providing Universal Access to All Knowledge. Donations welcome!

Development for this project funding comes from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, specifically to capture "long-tail" open access works on the public web which might otherwise be lost.

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Internet Archive Scholar is a sibling service, built on the Fatcat catalog, providing end-user access to and full-text search over research content across the Internet Archive's various holdings.

Project Status: Beta   API schema is not stable, and all edits must be manually reviewed.

Explore Works In The Catalog So Far ... and help us find what is missing!

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journal article, pre-print, book
published version of a Work

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Other Identifiers
authors, editors, translators
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Other Identifiers
specific digital blobs (immutable)
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File Set
datasets, supplementary materials
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Web Capture
HTML and interactive articles, blog posts
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for grouping Releases
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